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G & G Ho​me​ Furnishings

Accessory Companies

We carry a wide range of Accessory Companies! All are shown below! Our accessories range from lamps, rugs, pendant lighting, greenery, to framed prints and much more! There is so much from each company, we have provided a link in each of the companies homepages. From there it will take you directly to there website to see there whole collection! If you see something you are interested in, let us know! We price match and most of the time it is at a cheaper price!

Need Help Designing? Let us know! We can hook you up with one of our designers!  

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Parkhill Collection

The Park Hill Collection is a gathering of objects selected that bring happy memories of childhood and things we just fell in love with. Many are exclusive antique reproductions to help satisfy our nostalgic desire for the way things used to be and yet timeless for contemporary living. Combining these objects in various ways will create a personal statement all your own.

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Adams & Co.

The Adams & Co. home décor premium brand has a foundation of quality construction with fresh and trendy designs that inspire smiles and is able to transform a house into a home. They love designing décor with today’s modern color palette, clean lines and a twist of sassy. Our emphasis in quality design comes from our passion steeped in tradition. We design wall décor, seasonal décor, tabletop décor, DIY décor, and more.

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Crestview Collection

Crestview is family owned and operated for over 40 years. Our operations include a 500,000 square foot facility in Memphis Tennessee, partner factories throughout many countries, and hundreds of people throughout the world for support. Crestview is proud to be partners with many of the most prestigious home-furnishing retailers in over 40 countries.

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Col House Designs

Col House Designs offers a wide selection of unique farmhouse home decor with a modern twist. Our fresh take on country décor features products that are infused with industrial, modern, and urban elements we know you'll love.

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Creative Co-op 

There product assortment showcases styles for every room, every taste, and every occasion. There core home décor offering is as unique as it is expansive, with thousands of products that bring personality to every home, and there Seasonal collections provide the perfect décor for most any holiday.

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Foreside Home & Garden

At Foreside, we believe the home is as much about the spaces we inhabit as the people we love and the storied objects we surround ourselves with. Organically wrought, we’d like to think our craft and ingenuity comes through in every thoughtfully designed, handmade piece we bring to you; providing substantive touches, inspired by the way the world has lived for generations, to make any place you find yourself in the world, truly home.

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Napa Home & Garden

Napa Home & Garden is a home decor wholesaler selling to the trade, with headquarters in the greater Atlanta area and a distribution center in Newport News, VA. They provide sophisticated products for the home, selling to style-conscious retailers via a best-in-class shopping experience.

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Kendrick Home 

Kendrick Home is a company based out of Iowa. They carry a wide variety of different signs for your home! They have signs for every room around the house! They do holiday themed signs as well. They also do custom signage! Just let us know what you want and they can make it happen! 

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Raz Imports

RAZ Imports is a wholesale importer of Seasonal Holiday Decorations and Home Accents. They sell Christmas, Easter, Spring, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Fall decor, as well as a full line of everyday floral items.

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While we are focused on bringing you the most fashion-forward products in the industry, we know that good design means nothing without quality manufacturing. You can be certain that no shortcuts are taken in manufacturing to make sure our products exceed expectations.

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